Camp Champ Kitchen

CC-6.4 LX

Extraordinary seating possibility, ingenious box of tricks and rock solid cooking station: the explorer’s kitchen. Her well-thought-out system allows countless possibilities for people with high demands: cooking at a sea, in the mountains or just in the garden. Ham and eggs for breakfast, a barbeque for friends or a romantic dinner at your favourite place – nearly everything is possible with this kitchen.

Gas stove with 4 burners, percolator coffee maker, Salt and pepper mill, cutlery set in holder, stainless steel sieve, pots and pans set, waterproof cover, kitchen utensils, chopping board, kitchen scissors, spice glass set, desert plates, set of knives, muesli bowls, bottle screw, coffee cups, soup plates, whetstone, big plates, cushion, grill pan, grater;
(excl. 20% VAT.)
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  • Technical Data
  • Dimensions opened ca. 1250 x 550 x 1100 mm
  • Dimensions closed ca. 660 x 540 x 570 mm
  • Weight equipped ca. 65 kg
  • Weight empty ca. 35 kg
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
  • Type of gas I3 B/P
  • Gas device class A
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