Diff lock front/rear


Fight the 4WD’s number one enemy: Loss of traction is a thing of the past with the air-activated TJM Pro Locker differential locker. “Traction-less” wheels are locked and subsequently the remaining wheels work harder for a successful offroad experience. Enjoy maximum performance, never get stuck again.
(excl. 20% VAT.)
  • independent pneumatic system
  • planetary connection shaft
  • not oiled air ducts
  • high-quality material
  • thick carrier components
  • big and powerful planet wheels
  • simple assembling
  • no reworking required because of high-quality and appropriate 3D-manufacturing
  • reinforced und easily accessible screws at the differential cage
  • maintenance-free, robust housing and drive components
useable for
ToyotaLand CruiserLAND CRUISER (_J4_) LC401977/01 - 1997/10
ToyotaLand CruiserLAND CRUISER (_J6_) LC601984/01 - 1989/12
ToyotaLand CruiserLAND CRUISER 701984/01 - 1989/12
ToyotaLand CruiserLAND CRUISER 751984/01 - 1989/12
ToyotaLand CruiserLAND CRUISER 80 (_J8_) LC80 rear1990/01 - 1998/02

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